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All For You; A VN that will keep the players on edge.


“You are Riley, a new student at TW High School. You have to get used to being a student for just a fraction of a semester. Simple, right? However, five girls catch your eye and you manage to find an opportunity to work with one of them before graduation! … But is that all there is?

All For You is a visual novel created by Michaela Laws, who’s popularly known for her role of Ayano Aishi in the game Yandere Simulator. Mind you this is not her first foray into creating visual novels as she has previously made other games such as Seduce Me, Remember Remember, and many other games, so we can expect this game to be much more fleshed out compared to her other games.

The game starts off, in a rather meta way, with Riley (you) playing a visual novel titled Cherry Blossom before you are abruptly interfered by your parents calling you asking how you’ve been doing.

Screenshot (64)
This is Cherry Blossom, which I myself would love to play.

The next day, you are greeted—albeit in just a split second—with the first two romance interests, Latifah, and Sidney, then, you meet the rest of the romance interests as the game progresses.

Now, immediately after you start up the game, you are treated with a rather soothing soundtrack, which is one of the positive points of the game as there are many beautiful soundtracks that can be heard all throughout the game. The art style is smooth and fantastic, each character is given a distinct feature that makes them unique, and the GUI is clean and great to look at as well. The game boasts fully voiced characters with amazing work done from the VA’s that will keep the players from getting bored quickly. The game will add features such as stat-building minigames, character customization, and even the option to play Cherry Blossom once the game is fully released. And with all that said, there’s not really a negative side to the game as of yet since this is only a demo.

From this point on, I will be spoiling the story that is available in the demo, so if you wish to play the game yourself, you can click here to go to the download page, and you can skip down to the bottom for the final review, you can, however, read some parts of this section without being majorly spoiled, there will be another warning down below.

After a while, you are given the choice to do a few activities, which will increase your stats, but it’ll only be of importance after the game releases.

Screenshot (8)

As the game progresses, you are soon given a choice on where to spend your time in, which in turn will decide who you’re going after, at least in the demo version.

Screenshot (14)

I decided to go to the Courtyard to pursue after Jessika’s route, because i just love her overall design. Afterwards, the game is pretty much linear to the very end, there were some explanations about some final project that everyone’s working on to get a scholarship for a school, or a $10,000 check. After that, the game cuts to the OP, sung beautifully by Momoki, who happened to be the VA for Midori Gurin from Yandere Sim (Yes, quite a few VA’s here have voiced a character in Yandere Simulator), whose song had been teased around three times by Riley’s phone ringtone.

What was intriguing was what happened after the OP, this is your final chance to download the game from this page or skip to the very bottom of this page as this will spoil a huge premise/feature of the game, you have been warned.

The first time i saw this, i brushed it off as some elaborate thing to get us to try everyone’s route and see all the dialogues, and so i did exactly just that, i pressed new game and i was treated to something different;

Screenshot (29).png
Something seems different, but i can’t exactly put my finger on it.

Notice that the character here was different from the first character that Riley chose to pursue after, i brushed this off as something trivial at first, but this line of dialogue piqued my interest.

Screenshot (30).png

The moment i saw this dialogue, my whole body shivered as this was an aspect i truly didn’t expect the game to have. After being creeped out by that, i proceeded the game as normal, until i got back to where Jessika and Benni were blocking the school entrance. Jessika had noticed us and talked to us, claiming that she’s seen her before somewhere. At this point, my love for this game increased by a lot, as this aspect may or may not have been taken from the hit game Undertale, by Toby Fox, where it included characters who are sentient to whenever you reset/replay the game again. I skipped through most of the dialogue as some remained the same, then i was treated to something different as well, further confirming about the self-sentient characters. The teacher quizzes us about his lecture about the Multiverse Theory, where you’re in the same set of circumstances but take different choices. You then receive a note from Jessika, asking us to meet in the courtyard. A lot of the dialogue after here refers to the feeling that Jessika has seen Riley before, then the OP plays, and we’re treated to this screen this time:

And now at this point, i had been fully freaked out, but gushing in excitement as i’ve never seen such feature in other visual novels. This gave me a huge appreciation towards Michaela Laws, who expertly crafted this game and its features. Afterwards i tried this with everyone’s route, feeling fully satisfied that the game is remarkably good. I had not expected this feature at all, but the game feature clearly stated about its “Ultimate Replay-ability”, to which it delivered its promise.

In the end, All For You is an amazing game, and although this is only the demo version of it, I strongly urge you to play this game. Not only does it have a great soundtrack, it also boasts an outstanding artstyle, and a very innovative feature—which i’ve yet to see in other visual novels—that will surely keep the readers on the edge of their seats. The game will come out sometime from late 2017 to early 2018, and if you can, i urge you to pre-order the game to support the creators so they can pump out more features to the game, and you can pre-order the game which costs $10.00 USD by going to All For You’s Itch.io page so you can support Michaela Laws in her endeavor to make more beautifully crafted visual novels.


BAD END ; Will you die a horrible death?


BAD END is a Visual Novel about a guy named Kyuuhei Inui who tries to solve the mystery of the popular yet mysterious game called ‘BAD END’ which has killed his best friend and other people by getting a Bad End in the game they are playing, he pieces the clues he gets from playing the game, but will he ever find the truth? will he uncover the mystery of the game?


Bad End is available on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store, it is a horror visual novel, and the gameplay mechanic is just about what you get in a Visual Novel, you are given dialogues, choices, and a lot of save files in case you Screwed up something, the game itself isn’t all that scary, in fact, it’s more interesting when you find out about what’s happening and what exactly is ‘BAD END’.

This game is made by the YOX-PROJECT who has made several other Visual Novels (that i haven’t played yet) that’s actually quite decent in it’s stories, but the translation is kind of shoddy, but not to the point that it’s practically unreadable, it’s just a few grammar mistakes here and there.

The gameplay ranges from 1-2 Hours depending on how lucky you are with the choices, the BGM in the game is also quite good, as it gets the situation it is in, although there are some grammar mistakes made here and there, such as “mean’t” and a lot of others, and the art styleof the Visual Novel is actually quite good, it’s appealing to the eyes, and the Story is actually not that bad, except sometimes our character is kind of annoying, it’s still good (Although i originally thought the MC of the game is a Female, apparently not 0_0)

Notice that he said “Mean’t”

The game is short and sweet, the music is good, the visuals in the game is pretty, what more can i say? i’d definitely recommend this game if you want to have a short yet fun experience with a Visual Novel, and it’s actually quite cheap, so go on and play the game!

I would rate this game 8.5/10 stars.

An important life lesson, brought to you by Kyuuhei Inui.

The Game Dev’s Website : http://www.yox-project.com/en/index.htm

Steam Link : http://store.steampowered.com/app/415850

Google Play Store Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yox_project.bad_end

iOS App Store Link : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id564600390&mt=8

Out of Brakes ; an Addictive Endless Racing Game

“FEEL THE RUSH – DRIVE TO CRASH” –The Slogan of this racing game.

Out of Brakes Logo.

Out of Brakes is a Fresh and new application out in Google Play Store, an the iTunes Store, it has Voxel like Game Design, and is pretty similar to Games Such as Crossy Road, Smashy Road and a bunch of other games in the sense of design and gameplay, where you navigate through a course of obstacles, get as many points as you can, and go through and endless maze to see who can get the highest score.

This game was made by an indie developer going by the name of ‘Pixelfresh’ or also known as ‘Ievgen Litvynov’ on the App Stores, previously, he also made the game ‘R-Climber‘ back in the 8th of May, 2015, that has a Design Style Closely similar to Cut the Rope, another popular game on the App Store.

Out of Brakes is a good game to have, since the characters look cute, and honestly, who hates Voxel Art? although acknowledged there are a LOT of games like this, but this game was actually quite enjoyable.

The main goal of the game is to avoid the Red obstacles, and hit all the blue obstacles to slow down the speed of your car, which obviously has no breaks, all while collecting trophies, which you can use to buy more characters that actually have Different Stats rather than just being an Aesthetic Part, there are quite a lot of Vehicles such as The Lorry, a Police Car, and even a Moon Rover, and tons of more vehicles to choose from.

The soundtrack that this game has is mildly good, it’s not the best, but it has a feeling that you’re actually racing and trying to stop the car, which you can’t actually do, and when you plough through the blue blocks (or crash into the red ones), This is basically what happens to you.


The perspective of the game is actually quite good, and the scenery looks simple, yet so satisfying to look at, Out of Brakes is definitely a Game you want to play while waiting for something, or when you’re just idle, and is just looking for a simple source of entertainment.

Ievgen Litvynov stated that the inspiration of this game came from the style of arcade machines and NES games, and that it wants to recapture the experience of playing a toy car when we were a kid, i’m not sure about you, but i don’t think we had moon physics back in the old days.

I don’t think that we even had these kinds of physics back in the days…

Although the gameplay isn’t quite original, i would still forgive it with a rating of 7.5/10, it could’ve done something different, it could’ve been something different, but alas, it did not do what it could have done in the first place, it’d be better if it was a free roam game, i would buy it if Pixelfresh did something like that, but this game will do, it’ll suffice my gaming needs.


Link to the iTunes Store : https://itunes.apple.com/app/out-of-brakes/id983720035?ls=1&mt=8

Link to the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.litebox.DoodleRace

Their Business Enquiries Mail : pr@pixelfreshgames.com

Tech Support : support@outofbrakes.com

Review and Analysis – ‘Animal Inspector’, a Game with an unexpected deeper story to it. (Spoilers)


ScreenSelectorThe logo for Animal Inspector.

Animal Inspector is an Itch.io game about having to Accept or Reject animals in order to free up space in the world, as there has been an Animal surplus in the world.

0QNsqNy.pngAn Animal Inspector badge that you get at the start of the game.

The story begins with you and your dog, you vow to defend it from being ‘Rejected’ by the Inspectors by becoming an Inspector yourself, shortly after, you are given the badge and is introduced to the characters in the game.

In order from left to right, Alan, the Boss, and Martha.

These are the only three characters in the game (Excluding you, and uh… Mindy…) that you will be working with, the game starts with a chat with Martha, and then the Boss, and then Alan,.

Now you are tasked to either Approve or Reject the animals you are given, and depending on your choices on it, and depending on the dialogues you get, you’ll get different endings based on it.

The gameplay is simple and  short, it has a Unique touch to it because of the artwork and how you interact with the characters, which is by ‘Feeding’ the choices to the Dialogue Box (Martha’s dialogue box is a Cat, so you ‘feed’ it fish, Alan’s dialogue box is a Frog, so you ‘feed’ it bugs, and the Boss’ dialogue box is Wolf, so you ‘feed’ it Meat).

It’s also real interesting that the game recognizes when we misspell words on our form, say bad languages on it, or use our slang on it, it’s a really great attention to detail, and how it acknowledges some of the choices you made on the forms, props to Tom Astle for the attention to detail!

The game closely resembles Fingered (Developed by Edmund McMillen and James Id, who also made The Binding of Isaac Games) and Papers, Please (Developed by 3909), which both are pretty popular games, this game is addictive as your goal is to keep the forms coming, alas, this game has to have an end.

Overall, i recommend you to play this game at least once, since this game is actually quite good in a few aspects, with the calming soundtrack to fit the mood of accepting the forms, unique art style (although perhaps not everyone likes the unique style), and very short gameplay, it’s a quick and fun game to play, that has a few replayability values to get the endings in the game.

if i had to rate it, i would give it around an 8/10 ReviewFor the short gameplay, and unique art style.


Now, there may be something that clicked to you when you compared Alan and Martha to the Boss, right? Perhaps, something odd…?

Like, their NOSES? that alone is enough to strike the curiosity in some people, correct? Well, you are not wrong in thinking so, in fact, if you happen to get a particular ending, the Boss explains to you everything.

If you happened to recall, you might have seen this on the 3rd Form card in Day 5.


Doesn’t it strike you as weird, to see Alan in one of the forms, RIGHT AFTER HE WAS SENT TO THE CAGE? It probably has striked you as an odd thing, but you just went on with it until the end.

You can chose to reject him, which causes him to have an ‘Accident’ inside The Cages, which is probably what happened to Ol’ Mindy as well, that someone Rejected her form, and ended up inside the cage.

But later in the game, depending on your choices, the Boss will tell you something that’s actually surprising if you didn’t know it from earlier…

That Alan was actually a dog this whole time, and that the animals that were sent to that place ‘Somewhere’ (Which we assume is The Cage) is actually being tapped into a workforce, much like Alan, the Boss then says that It’s possible to replace the memories of a human into an animal, claiming how ‘Technology these days’ have grown, this was actually a surprising Plot Twist, because if your dog got rejected, he would actually be turned into a Workforce, to work on the Forms, and rejecting them all, Martha might also be a Cat, judging by how she approves every cat in her forms, we also learned that she (Supposedly) approved every form, and got on unnoticed.

From this we can conclude that behind the scenes, there is something deeper that the game developer wanted to tell, which is an interesting story, another props to Tom Astle, Good job man, i would love to see more games from him on Itch.io.


A Link to the Game’s Website : http://tomastle.itch.io/animal-inspector

Tom Astle’s Twitter : https://twitter.com/thomasastle

Torahhorse’s Twitter : https://twitter.com/torahhorse