About Me


Hello, this is a website dedicated to talk about video games in it’s full glory, this site will mainly feature PC, Xbox/Ps, and 3DS Games, and a few more consoles to be decided at a later date.


My name is Jason and I am a gamer, game Developer, and a YouTuber, i like to watch anime as well, write a few fan fictions, and i draw quite a few things in my spare time, i’ve only a few social medias, so if you have anything to ask / request for me to post, feel free to contact me and i will hopefully reply to you if i’m not busy at that moment, don’t worry, i’m won’t bite.

But i started this site from knowing it through a website called IveTriedThat where i discovered multiple spam sites, and it led me to another website called WealthyAffiliates which led me to create this website about Video Gaming, and sometimes Reviews about Applications, Games, Software, or anything else!


Whenever you’re feeling down or just need a friend, or need to ask a question / request for me to post something on this site, you can just send me a message to one of these contacts, and i’ll hopefully reply to it!

So get to asking whatever you want to me and i’ll make sure to be there!

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