RPG Maker MV ; A Success or a Failure?

new-logoRPG Maker, the Staple of RPG Making Tools.

RPG Maker has been around for quite awhile, in fact it’s been here since 1992, the all popular game making tool has been a staple for use of people, but mainly became the hit after an official translation for RPG Maker XP came out mid September 2005, since all the translations so far were made by other people, it’s widely used since even those who have no idea to make a game, and even for experienced developers can make a game.

The RPG Maker franchise has been known to give life to a lot of popular games like, Ib,Mad Father, Misao (Three of these made by vgperson), To the Moon (Freebird Games), and still a lot more to date, and there has been a lot of versions of RPG Maker dating from 1992 to this very day.

RPG Maker VX Ace and it’s glorious logo.

Modern day users of the program usually accommodate themselves with RPG Maker VX Ace since it has the most features and has a lot of plugins to date, but some other users prefer the older versions of RPG Maker, such as RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker 2003 since they had gotten used to the layout and tools used in the respective versions.

The new logo for RPG Maker MV.

But with the recently released RPG Maker titled ‘RPG Maker MV‘ this october, there has been a mix of ratings coming from the new users of the franchise and the experts of RPG VX Ace which has mostly complaints from the veterans and praises from the new users of the franchise’s line of tools.

Many of the newbie’s praised the MV for it’s Improved Graphics & Resolution, Upgrade from using Ruby to Javascript, and Simplicity on how to use the tools, but the Veterans of VX Ace did not expect MV to be like this, saying that there is way too little starting database compared to VX Ace, and saying that the Android/iOS converter’s did not work but instead gave an HTML5 file for us to Manually package it, which is a very problematic issue, addressing those issues, the Veterans preferred to stick to VX Ace until Enterbrain and Kadokawa can rework the kinks in the program, meanwhile some decided to go with MV instead.

“Windows builds use node-webkit as a wrapper, but don’t package/archive the resources like other HTML5 game design toolkits do. Instead it just leaves the assets out in the open.

“Android-exporter just exports a HTML-file (with resources) – it doesn’t actually package an APK. iOS-exporter just exports a HTML-file (with resources) – it doesn’t actually package an IPA.

“Wait until they fix these issues.”

A Complaint from username Quackgyver in the steam community.

“I’m still very new to this and I didn’t use VX Ace much. But, I think this is a pretty awesome tool. The character editor is much improved from VX Ace, and you can draw regions using rectangular tools which saves a lot of time. The scripting is now in Javascript, which I am accustomed to. You can press F8 during a playtest to open a full featured Chrome debugger and dig into variables and code with ease.”

One of the praises from username Erkenfresh.


So in a rundown bullet point list, here are the exact Pros and Cons of using MV (Compared to VX Ace, and from what the Newbs and Veterans Said).


  • Smoother Graphics
  • Language Improvement from Ruby to Javascript
  • Better Character Generator
  • Multiplatform Distribution
  • Adds Touch / Click Support
  • Higher resolution
  • Triple layered map editing
  • Database limit increase from 999 to 2,000
  • Option to use Side-view battlers
  • A Plugin Manager
  • Adds an Event Searcher


  • iOS & Android exporter not functioning as expected
  • A minimal starting database
  • No in-game exit button
  • No script editor
  • No resource manager
  • Buggy system controls

But you know, from my experience overall, it hasn’t been that bad, actually, nothing is wrong with it yet, except the mobile support, that’s kind of screwy, but hey, people’ll manage that and make a tutorial about it as well, so there is no real need for us to be pissy about it, out of all this, i would actually recommend RPG Maker MV for a creative use, it’s much more better, although artists can struggle with the new resolutions, but somehow they’ll get through!

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