A First Glance and Understanding of… Galatea (The Modular Waifu Simulator)!

A First Glance at…


Galatea, The Modular Waifu Simulator.

Now we all know that quite a lot of Simulator games have been around for quite awhile and quite a few of them are successful as well, such as Surgeon Simulator where you play as a doctor called Nigel Burke, or I Am Bread where you play as a loaf of bread, Yandere Simulator where you play as a female student killing other people in the name of love, and let’s not forget the all popular Goat Simulator where you play as goat destroying everything in the whole damned universe but there are quite a few Simulator Project Games that may catch your attention, such as… Galatea!


A first glance of the school in Galatea.

Now, some of you may or may not have heard of Galatea being mentioned in a post by YandereDev which says :

“By the way, several of the features that I added over the past month were only possible thanks to help from my esteemed colleague Saracen, who is also making a game set in a Japanese high school!”

Some may have actually seen it, others may have not, but the main premise of the game is that you are a High School Transfer student, and you will get a chance to meet and date a few female students along with managing the time, and even events that are affected on the real-world calendar.

While the Public Test Build released in September 26th was just a Glance of what the environment looks like, it is quite detailed for one single person to do it alone, although you appear to be as tall as a giant upon entering class, where the perspective of the camera may / may not have been purposedly put up so high, even so, the school is very large, yet there are no AI’s implemented yet as of the release of the build, shortly a month after, in October, Saracen finally got the design for an original character done.


The Original Female Character.

The game as Saracen said, says that the game was very inspired by, and falls into the category of games like Amagami, KimiKiss, Tokimeki Memorial, and Love Plus, and further states that his intentions are not to ‘Reinvent the Wheel’, rather he wants to refine and polish the features further more to create a deep immersion into the game itself.

“My goal with Galatea is not so much to reinvent the wheel, but rather to provide polish, refinement, and a greater sense of immersion to tried and tested mechanical and narrative tropes featured in these games.”

“In Galatea, you will take the role of a high school student who has recently transferred to a new city. While managing your character’s daily schedule between study and leisure activities, you will get the opportunity to meet several female characters, go on dates with them, and eventually enter a romantic relationship.”

At first, Saracen decided to make the game using his/her own Game Engine heavily based around the popular engine Unity, Entitled ‘The Luna Framework’, but Saracen ultimately left the engine and decided to use the Godot Engine, because he/she deemed that it was Way too much Work for a lone programmer, and that he/she Wanted to spend time programming the game instead of the game engine.

This might seem like something of U-turn considering the content of my previous update, but after much deliberation, I have made the hard decision to switch from my custom made game engine to a pre-existing one, the Godot engine.”

“Despite my feelings that I have been making some significant strides with the Luna Framework, I simply cannot ignore the fact that it might be too work for a lone programmer to create an entirely general purpose game engine”

“I want to start spending more time programming a game rather than just a game engine so I can show off more interesting content”

Despite all of that, Saracen decided that the Luna Framework will be set aside as a Side-project instead of being ultimately scrapped, as it was such a waste to throw it away.

Currently the game is undergoing massive development done by one person, and alongside the community, where there have already been translations from quite a lot of regions, such as Spanish, Sweden, France, and other countries, which proves that Galatea has a striving community to help the single programmer with his/her game.

Personally from what i’m feeling, for a single person to ever develop a game by himself, whether it’s a fully fleshed out or half assed attempt, is still something to look up to or admire nonetheless, but for a single person to create an environment like this is very amazing, although he/she could use some more time modelling the characters to be more fleshed out, it really has a gigantic potential for it to grow, since there is so much room for it to grow, i wouldn’t be surprised if it became the next hit thing sometime 2016.

So what do you think after playing the public build test? if the game is someday finished, would you want to play the game? would you pay for it? and would you like it? if so, go tell Saracen about it in his/her blog, and remember to comment or email him about it, because remember; every single comment counts to making someone’s day a better day!

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